We work across five continents, with a range of individual and institutional donors, and cover the following areas:

We help work through key choices which will define long-term direction, enabling growth and scale.

We work with philanthropists and foundations to find projects and people that fit their focus areas.

We enable philanthropists, foundations, and charitable organisations to find other like-minded partners, to become more effective together.
We create and facilitate functional collaboration around specific philanthropic themes or geographies.

Due Diligence
We dive deep, finding out what is going on behind strategic plans and annual reports. We get to know the projects we recommend, and will never present something we don’t believe in.

Best Practice
We stay up to date with what is working across our clients’ focus areas. We seek to share what we learn to help others engage with the models we are piloting.

Relationship Development
We seek to discover working partnerships with people and organisations – even if that takes time before bearing fruit.

We will help build team, implement systems and manage resources, to help the impact to scale up.

We help find tangible ways to measure effectiveness, and work with our clients to achieve their objectives.

Openwell philanthropy

For more information about Openwell’s work approach to Philanthropy please contact Sanjay Mahtani on: